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May Star
Shop Unit:L-103
Category:Dining and Gourmet
Phone:5698 5416

May Star Restaurant was first established on October 8, 2007 at Hotel Le Grendeur (Ex Hotel Dusit), Central Jakarta. We have currently has four outlets in Jakarta. May Star is a Modern Chinese Restaurant. The Philosophy of May Star: According to Chinese Culture, All Things in the world consist of 5 (five) elements life, "Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Land".

11 November 2009, May Star Restaurant opens 3rd outlet located in Central Park Lower Ground with an area of 890.2 m2 and can accommodate 450 people, which is designed with minimalist concept, dominated by black and maroon color and has 4 (four) VIP room. May Star is a modern Chinese restaurant. We have more than 700 menu (Live Seafood, BBQ, Dim Sum, Congee & Noodle). And also we have a Experience Chef's & Experience Manager from Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our favorites menu : Emperor's Delite - Ocean Pacific Garoupa in casserole that can be cooked and served directly in front of you, Pao With Salted Egg Custard and Coconut Pudding. May Star Restaurant is the most appropriate place for you to gather with family, friends and co-workers

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