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Shop Unit:G-201
Category:Fashion, Shoes, Bag and Accessories
Phone:5698 5705

Zara, whose first store opened in 1975 in Spain, is active in 68 countries with a network of more than 1,100 stores ideally located in major cities around the world. Its international presence clearly shows that national borders are no impediment to sharing a united fashion culture. Zara goes where society goes, turning contemporary ideas, trends and tastes into fashion that resonates globally. This is the key to its success among people of diverse cultures and generations who share a strong feeling for fashion.

Zara's team of designers, consisting of more than 200 professionals, continuously assesses consumer preferences, wishes and requirements and offers some 12,000 different styles for sale in its stores each year. Zara garments are dispatched twice weekly, allowing continual renewal of its fashion offerings. Reasonable prices, the most current fashions and a cosmopolitan shopping experience are Zara's keys to winning the hearts of its fashionable customers.

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