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Dairy Queen
Shop Unit:L-159
Category:Dining and Gourmet
Phone:5698 5269

Dairy Queen or DQ is a chain owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc. USA that was acquired by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway in 1998.

First opened in 1940 in Joliet, Illinois, now DQ has more than 5,700 stores in 19 countries. It's famous soft serve, Blizzard, ice-blended drinks, shakes, MooLatte, fresh fruit juices, ice cream cakes, and other treats, Dairy Queen quickly expanded everywhere across the world.

DQ Indonesia opened in 2004 and since then has been operating in 12 stores across Jakarta and Bandung. Aside from making and serving great products, we oath to serve each customer with utmost respect and friendliness. Our mission is to create a smile and a story for every customer who experience DQ. With its great product and great customer service, each customer will have a smile after every experience.

Dairy Queen at Central Park was opened in December 2009 and it is our 10th store. DQ serves the favorite Blizzard, fresh fruit juice, ice-blended drinks and hotdogs.

Blizzard, our signature product and our most-wanted ice cream treat, is soft-serve blended with favorite candy and cookies and served upside down.

Our products are fun and certainly enjoyed by everyone with no limitation on gender and age group.

Continually features new flavors once every two months, we keep it interesting and enjoyable for everyone. Catering to customers celebrating special occasions, we have DQ To-Go and ice cream cakes that will surely spice up every celebration.

With its fun and delicious food and treats and excellent customer service, Dairy Queen wish for everyone in Central Park to have a great experience with DQ, as to fulfill our mission to create a smile and a story for everyone.

For more information please call 021-5698-5269, or 021-631-3309.

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