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Shop Unit:L8-101
Category:Kids, Fun and Entertainment
Phone:5698 5279

CGV Cinemas has been a phenomenon in Indonesian entertainment industry since its first debut in Bandung, a trend which has continued in Jakarta. CGV Cinemas will continue to grow, spreading its outlets around strategic locations in big cities to extend its mass appeal both locally and nationally.

CGV Cinemas is a cinema chain that re-defines the movie-going experience, based on three defining characteristics:

  • We offer a minimum of 8 screens in each location, equipped with the best cinema technology.
  • More choices of movies: everything from Hollywood blockbusters, world cinema, festival & arthouse productions, Indonesian movies, Indie movies, Hindi movies, Anime, and Asian cinema.
  • Our concept : featuring restaurant/café, live music performances, blitzGameSphere, function rooms, WiFi areas and blitzShoppe. Innovative and creative promotions and quality services to maintain its appeal to the customers.

For CGV Cinemas movie schedule at Central Park Mall, click here.

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