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Dante Coffee
Shop Unit:GF-05
Category:Dining and Gourmet
Phone:5698 5761

Dante Coffee is a franchise coffee shop from Taiwan, the name was adopted from famous Italian poet Dante Allegeri who wrote “Devine Comedy” an epic poem which widely considered as the greatest work of world literature. The name was chosen to show the founder’s passion and devotion in providing high quality of coffee and introducing coffee shop concept in Taiwanese market.

The first Dante Coffee was opened in 12 November 1993 in Taipei, Taiwan. At that time coffee was not as commonly consume as it is now due to price consideration. In order to bring the coffee culture into people's life, Dante Coffee became the first coffee shop in Taiwan to provide its costumers with high quality coffee at an affordable price.

Until 2005 with the consistency in providing a high quality of meals, drinks and service refined by creating a perfect ambience in each store Dante Coffee managed to establish a solid position in coffee market with more than 130 outlets in Taiwan. In November 2008 Ministry of Economic Affairs selected Dante Coffee as Superior Commercial Service Brand for its achievement in carrying out an excellent brand.

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